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Español : Octavo año - 8th grade
¡Hola!  ¡Bienvenidos!
Welcome to Bannockburn School's 8th grade Spanish class website!  We learn Spanish through the TPRS method.  We use the texts, Cuéntame más and Cuéntame mucho.  We speak ONLY in Spanish during class and we study the traditions and cultures of many different Spanish-speaking countries. 
Class Announcements-Anuncios de la clase
See homework to the right-Mira a la tarea a la derecha
Here is the link to our SPANISH CLASS BLOGS.  Click below to access it.  We each have our own individual blogs!    Click the link and then choose the name of the student blog you wish to access. 
6th grade 

7th grade

8th grade

Here is a link to the Spanish class blog to see the happenings in daily Spanish class for K-8!

Section Files
Use these Power Points as an example or model to guide you are you complete your's!
 advanced story map sheet.pdf
 Bebidas de México.doc
List f 10 common traditional drinks in Mexico
Download this Microsoft Word doc for your unofficial and informal bibliography list of sources. Copy and paste the websites you have been using right into the doc and write the BOOK, author(s) and page numbers for where your original aspect came from. ONE OF YOUR SOURCES NEEDS TO BE A BOOK, if not for the original aspect, then something else!
 mi pais-parent food.doc
If you lost the letter to give to your it is!
 Mi pais-requirements.doc
If you lost your document to record all your information for your Power Point..¡aquí está!
Videos and Podcasts
Section Web Pages
No "TAREA-Homework" exist(s)

Previous TAREA-Homework

Due August 27, 2009
República Dominicana
Due September 8, 2009
All-Star Interview
Due September 16, 2009
Read Chapter 2
Due October 5, 2009
Chapters 3,4,5
Due October 10, 2009
Chapters 4 and 5 RESUMEN
Due October 19, 2009
El viaje Ch 6
Due October 21, 2009
¡Cuéntame mucho!
Due November 9, 2009
Due February 3, 2010
Due February 22, 2010
PAGE 5 white book
Due March 3, 2010
nada para el miércoles
Due May 11, 2010
Nada: Nothing for Tuesday!
Due September 27, 2010
No homework for Monday
Due October 4, 2010
Due October 18, 2010
NADA, nothing for Wednesday.
Due November 16, 2010
Nada-Nothing for Tuesday!
Due November 29, 2010

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